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The Impressionist painters were faced with the difficult challenge of trying to capture an intense, fleeting impression of nature in true color and light. A painting was typically completed in a very short timeframe to capture the true essence of light. The brushstrokes were left as applied emanating beauty and spontaneity within the painting.

Lilypond, Monet

Lilypond, Monet
Lilypond, Monet


The perfect example is Monet’s series of Watter Lilies. Here the painter demonstrates the different moods of the changing seasons, the time of day, and the available light, as he captures the essence of a moment in time.


Umberelas,  Renoir
By the Seashore, Renoir
Dance at Bougival , Renoir

August Renoir, is perhaps the only painter said Octave Mirbeau who never produced a sad painting. In his painting he created an immage of happiness.


Women Ironing,  Degas
Edgar Degas, self portrait
The Star, Degas

Edgar Degas did not fit in the exact deffinition of Impressionism but he was never the less one of its dedicated driving force. With his eccentric view points he gave the human body a new interpretation. The hallmark of his art was the world of theatre, dance and music. Degas devoted most of his attention to ballerinas rehearsing or on stage.
Some of the most well known Impressionist were also part of the Post Impressionist era. There is no well deffined style of Post Impressionism but in general it is less casual and more emotionnaly charged than Impressionist work. The classic Post Impressionist were Paul Cézanne, Paul Gauguin, Vincent van Gogh

Mont Sainte-Victoire, Cezanne Cezanne, Sef Portrait Card Players, Cezanne

Paul Cézanne was facinated with by color, shape and form. He was a key figure in the transition of 19th centry to 20th century art.


Paul Gauguin, self portrait with yellow christ
Tahitian Women on the Beach

Paul Gauguin, said ” ….don’t copy nature too much. Art is an abstraction”


Starry Night,  Vincent  vanGogh
Vincent van Gogh, sef portrait

In the Stary Night everything swirls at night in St. Remy. It seems that the artist Vincent van Gogh, has expelled his inner conflict onto a canvas.


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