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That’s what provided the background for the development of a network of music shops in Tbilisi and the manufacture of top quality pianos and grand pianos. And that’s why Muraviov acted in haste. He knew opera lovers could not endure long without spiritual nourishment and arranged, with the support of the authorities, for the arrival of Russian singers from various cities of Russia. A new repertoire of exclusively Russian arias  [ Read More ]

See the previous article on this link. Managers of the Tbilisi Opera Theatre were well-versed in advertising business. They enlisted the services of a certain Abela, whose surname did not go down in history. Abela was the tallest man in Tbilisi in the second half of the 19 th century and his rise to fame was due to his extraordinary height. Abela figures in a novel by Armenian artist Bashinjaghianz.  [ Read More ]

The first part of the article are available here. Visit this link to see the second part of the article. Their main concern was for the way to get extra tickets because every citizen of Tbilisi, notwithstanding his or her national or religious, cultural or social diversity, seemed determined to press on to hear “La donna e mobile” right from the stage. From the stage because in the streets opera  [ Read More ]

The beginning of the article: Georgian culture and art. Part 1 The opera was meant to be ltalian. lt fell to the merchant Tamamshev to build an opera house. According to newspaper reports, he bought a plot of land from the Tsitsishvili Estate “for two smoked sturgeon and two pieces of fabric”. The Armenian merchant weakened into absolute misunderstanding at the miserable price Prince Tsitsishvili asked for the land. But  [ Read More ]

On The street Besarion Belinsky, just a few steps away from the house where legendary personality Shalva Javakhadze resides, there is a shoemaker’s atelier plastered with photos of Maria Callas. The shoemaker himself is the only one (among his many counterparts living in Tbilisi) who (in parallel to breathing life into shoes) is often heard humming opera tunes and still continues to exchange smiles with his clients. Currently he is the  [ Read More ]


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