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History of the Louvre Palace

Museum of the richest collection of different epochs and civilizations, art stores. It kept the French royal jewelry. Their number is about 300,000. 35000 is the only exhibition halls. Most of the works are stored in repositories. They show only a few months out of the year. The museum boasts a large number of visitors. Louvre has long been one of the World Championship season. For millions of people the most  [ Read More ]


The Louvre Museum (French: Musée du Louvre) – the largest and most celebrated museums in the world, which had 8.5 million visitors in 2008. Located in Paris, France. The building, the former royal palace, located in the center of Paris. Its main hall, which is currently the Louvre pyramid erected in one line Champs – Eliza along. It creates a historical section, which is located in Paris’s many historic monuments. Royal  [ Read More ]

Visit the Louvre Museum

Visit the Louvre Museum. Video tour of the world famous museum. Louvre is located in the French capital Paris. Louvre visitors is 8.5 million (2008 census).

The article was prepared according to the French-language encyclopedia. Posts in the French language: Le Portrait de Jean II le Bon est un tableau anonyme de 60 × 44,5 cm conservé à Paris, au département des peintures du Musée du Louvre. Cette peinture « sur le vif » représente le roi de France Jean II dit « Le Bon » de profil sur un fond entièrement doré. Éléments historiques Jean  [ Read More ]

Jean-Baptiste Belin

Jean-Baptiste Belin de Fontenay,or Jean-Baptiste Blin(b. 1653 Caen, France, d. 1715 Paris ), French painter, the son of Louis Blin, who may have specialized in flower painting. Early in his life, Jean-Baptiste Belin de Fontenay had to choose between his religion and his career.The revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685 forced most Protestants to flee France to escape religious persecution. Belin instead decided to renounce his faith and  [ Read More ]

Louvre Mosaics

Mosaic Panel Late 2nd century A.D. From Shelley Esaak, former Guide Aphrodite Ancient Art Fine Objects of Ancient Art. Roman Egyptian Greek Near Eastern Mosaic Panel, late 2nd century A.D. Marble, limestone, and molten glass. 88 5/8 x 94 1/2 x 5 7/8 in. Musée du Louvre, Paris. (MA 1796–INV. MNC 1577). Photo: Anne Chauvet. © AFA/Musée du Louvre / Courtesy American Federation of Arts. Drawn from the  [ Read More ]

Venus de Milo

The Aphrodite of Milos was discovered on 8 April 1820 by a peasant named Yorgos Kentrotas, inside a buried niche within the ancient city ruins of Milos, the current village of Tripiti, on the island of Milos (also Melos, or Milo) in the Aegean, which was then a part of the Ottoman Empire. Olivier Voutier, an ensign in the French navy, whose warship had been idling in port, was searching  [ Read More ]


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