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Expressionistic Movements

Expressionism, an art movement, originated in the beginning of XX century and developed in the fields of art such as painting, literature, theater, cinema, architecture and others. Expressionistic works often reveal psycho-analytic characters. This being the beginning of the XX century, which are mainly in northern Europe, especially in Germany, settled down and are against French impressionism. Impresionizm Expressionism is much aggressive and characterized by vibrant colors, sharp lines. Thus,  [ Read More ]


Raphael Santi ( Raphael or Raffaelo ) ( ital. Raffaello Sanzio; born April 6, 1483 – died April 6, 1520 ) – artist, painter and architect of the Italian High Renaissance in Florence School representative. It is widely recognized artist. Works “Madonna konestabile ” – Hermitage beauty , bending , horrified, gentle Mary . “Saint George” “The Holy Family” – This picture was painted Florentine merchant Angelo levels of demand  [ Read More ]

That’s what provided the background for the development of a network of music shops in Tbilisi and the manufacture of top quality pianos and grand pianos. And that’s why Muraviov acted in haste. He knew opera lovers could not endure long without spiritual nourishment and arranged, with the support of the authorities, for the arrival of Russian singers from various cities of Russia. A new repertoire of exclusively Russian arias  [ Read More ]


Sculpture, Sculpture – Fine art sculptures – imagery, which the three-dimensional shape of a solid or plastic materials and finishes. Sculptures Main genre – portrait, historical, domestic, symbolic, allegorical imagery, animal imagery. Art is an expression of the form to create three-dimensional sculptures, plastic modeling, in silhouette, texture, color and even in some cases. There are rounded sculpture (status, groups, statues, bust, can look at the different sides) and relief  [ Read More ]

Components of modern art: abstract art, Bauhaus, Expressionism, Critical Theory, Cubism, Op – Art, Pop – Art, Post – Impressionism, Post-modernism, surrealism. Modern Art – Contemporary Art some sample seemingly bizarre shapes and unusual colors blend. It is so hard to imagine, but this is not so. XX-century, many artists rejected traditional painting and sculpture at the. The main aim of the artist’s own ideas, feelings remain (even through abstraction).  [ Read More ]

Leonardo da Vinci

Da Vinci’s works Leonardo da Vinci was born in 1452 and died in 1519. Future genius father, a wealthy notary, Piero da Vinci, and landowner, was the most famous man in Florence, and his mother – Catherine, a mere woman. Leonardo’s illegal to buy them. Leonardo’s childhood, he loved to paint. In 1466, at age 14, Leonardo da Vinci moved to Florence, where his father to study at the Art  [ Read More ]

Leonardo da Vinci

Italian Renaissance talent and the world’s most famous painter – inventor was born in Italy in 1452 (City Vinci). He died on May 2, 1519 at the age of 67. Painting Epiphany (1472-1475) – Uffizi Gallery, Florence , Italy Annunciation (1475-1480) – Uffiz Gallery Jinevra de benchi ( 1475 ) – National Gallery of Art , Washington, DC Benois Madonna (1478-1480) – Hermitage Museum , St. – Petersburg, Russia Madonna smallpox  [ Read More ]


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