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Hermitage History.part 9

Mar - 6 - 2014


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The Hermitage collection of Dutch art, if compared to other most important museums, is all but unique both in completeness and high quality of the pictures constituting it.
Une of the most characteristic features Of Dutch art is the fact that it achieved a vast development of separate kinds of painting: portrait-painting, genre-painting, landscape, still-life, which fact led to artists’ specializing in different branches of painting. lu the galaxy of Dutch portrait-painters Frans Hals (1580 – 1666) is prominent for the vivacity Of his characters as well as for the artistic skill, which placed him among the greatest portrait-painters of the world. His “Portrait of a Mann” (plate 44) painted in the broad and powerful manner of his later period is most typical for his art.
One of the most important achievements of Dutch art was the creation of national realistic landscape, which aimed at depicting the nature of their native land with truth and affection.
Jan van Goyen (1596-1656) was the one who best of all reflected in his paintings the peculiar features of Dutch landscape-the vastness of its plains out through by rivers and canals, the seashore, the moist atmosphere, and the overcast sky. A very good idea of his art may be got from his “A view on the Maas near Dordrecht” (plate 45), and the “Winter” (plate 46) both roproduced in this album.
Dutch landscape achieved its utmost in the art of Jacob van Ruisdael (10628 – 1682). In his art nature became a source of profound reflection and lofty poetical inspiration. The composition of Jacob van Ruisdael’s pictures is always thoroughly planned, the dranving is strict and exact. His understanding of the greatness of nature, the feeling of its life became particularly apparent in his most famous picture “The Marsh” (plate 50).

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