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Franz Marc

Videotutorial El sueño Franz Marc Born on February 8, 1880. Munich, Bavaria, German Empire. He died on March 4, 1916 (death at age 36). Braquis, France. He studied at the Munich Academy of Art. Movement: Expressionism His works include: “Fate of the Animals”, “Tiger”, “The Yellow Cow”, “Fighting Forms”…

Photo Gallery Youth exposure. 10 April 2014. City Khoni. The exhibition includes works: Painting, drawing, felt. Artists: Vakhtang Janjghava (The founder of this site.) Tiko Kobeshavidze Anna Papava Tornike Sanodze Temur Macharadze Otar Buleishvili

Exhibition in Khoni- Georgia

April 10, 2014 14:00 am –  Exhibition at the Khoni Cultural Center. Sentenced art exhibition organized by the Khoni Art school. Sentenced project is supported by the Municipality of Culture, Education and Heritage Service. The exhibition will present paintings, drawings and felt. Participates in: Tornike  Sanodze Tiko Kobeshavidze Otar buleishvili Teimuraz Macharadze Anna Papava Vakhtang Janjgava

Vakhtang Janjghava is the founder of this blog, artist. Artist: Vakhtang Janjghava Age: 26 Nationality: Georgian Type of art: Icon Painting Material: Wood, tempera (oil) Used audio material: Georgian Chant


Impressionism (French impressionisme, Impression-Impression), process art, conceived and developed in France. 1874-1886 he was a seven-impressionist exhibition in Paris, which became the modern art of dividing academically. The general trend is fleeting impressions of impressionism, stable and conceptual side of things and not a reflection of the change of events.

Expressionistic Movements

Expressionism, an art movement, originated in the beginning of XX century and developed in the fields of art such as painting, literature, theater, cinema, architecture and others. Expressionistic works often reveal psycho-analytic characters. This being the beginning of the XX century, which are mainly in northern Europe, especially in Germany, settled down and are against French impressionism. Impresionizm Expressionism is much aggressive and characterized by vibrant colors, sharp lines. Thus,  [ Read More ]

The Gothic Period

Text presented in the form of images, in order to avoid copying. Gothic may refer to: Gothic – life style and culture. Gothic – musical sequence, the rock sequence. Gothic – film, which was shot in 1986. Gothic- computer game series. You can find an extensive article in Wikipedia: Gothic art, a Medieval art movement Gothic architecture Gothic Revival architecture (Neo-Gothic)  


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Franz Marc

Videotutorial El sueño Franz Marc Born on February 8, 1880. Munich, Bavaria, ...


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