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The building was designed for the International Art and Technical Exhibition in 1937. The museum opened in 1961 with, in particular, a core of works from the “modern” collections of the Petit Palais, and was enriched due to the generosity of the collectors Emanuele Sarmiento, Mathilde Amos and Ambroise Vollard. The 1937 exhibition provided the opportunity for some remarkable acquisitions including: The Dance by Matisse, Nude in the bath and  [ Read More ]

Palazzo Barberini

One of Rome’s most splendid 17th-century palaces, the newly renovated Palazzo Barberini is a landmark of the Roman baroque style. It houses the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Antica. History The sloping site had formerly been occupied by a garden-vineyard of the Sforza family, in which a palazzetto had been built in 1549. The sloping site passed from one cardinal to another during the sixteenth century, with no project fully getting off  [ Read More ]

Louvre Mosaics

Mosaic Panel Late 2nd century A.D. From Shelley Esaak, former Guide Aphrodite Ancient Art Fine Objects of Ancient Art. Roman Egyptian Greek Near Eastern Mosaic Panel, late 2nd century A.D. Marble, limestone, and molten glass. 88 5/8 x 94 1/2 x 5 7/8 in. Musée du Louvre, Paris. (MA 1796–INV. MNC 1577). Photo: Anne Chauvet. © AFA/Musée du Louvre / Courtesy American Federation of Arts. Drawn from the  [ Read More ]

The British Museum is a wonderful wall reliefs. Pictures, images & photos of ancient Assyrian relief sculptures from the Britiah Museum, London. Hopefully they will inspire me in painting my Neo-Assyrian and Neo-Babylonian armies. The amazing collection at the British Museum comes from Ashurnasirpal II’s (883-859 BC) Northwest Palace at Nimrud, Tiglath-Pileser III’s (744-727 BC) Central Palace at Nimrud, Sargon II’s (721-705 BC) Palace at Khorsabad, Sennacherib’s (704-681 BC) Southwest Palace at  [ Read More ]

Medici Gallery

Marie de Medici Gallery, Louvre Museum In the early 1620s, Marie de Médicis, widow of Henry IV of France and mother of the future king Louis XIII, was to commission the Flemish painter Peter-Paul Rubens to paint a series of paintings to decorate two galleries on the first floor of the Palais du Luxembourg, a building now occupied by the Senate. The west gallery was finished in 1625 and consists  [ Read More ]

Great Palace Mosaic Museum

The Great Palace Mosaic Museum, is located close to Sultanahmet Square in Istanbul, Turkey, at Arasta Bazaar. The museum houses mosaics from the Byzantine period, unearthed at the site of the Great Palace of Constantinople. The museum hosts the mosaics used to decorate the pavement of a peristyle court, dating possibly to the reign of Byzantine emperor Justinian I (r. 527-565). The mosaics in the museum, behind Istanbul’s Blue Mosque  [ Read More ]

The National Gallery’s history for nearly a century in the making. The foundation of the well-known public figure associated with the name and artist Dimitri Shevardnadze. This remarkable event dates back to 1920 years. Since the development of the National Gallery of Georgian Art. The building in which it is located, was built in 1888 by the decision of the Emperor of Russia and the Russian military – historical museum,  [ Read More ]


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