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In his famous 1758 treatise, Edmund Burke defines Beauty as “a name I shall apply to all such qualities in things as induce in us a sense of affection and tenderness, or some other passion most nearly resembling these…It is not by the force of long attention and enquiry that we find any object to be beautiful; beauty demands no assistance from our reasoning; even the will is unconcerned; the  [ Read More ]

At over 8 ft by 6 ft (260cm x 185cm), this central panel of a triptych for the Altarpiece for the Saints of Cologne presented viewers with an almost life size tableau of the classic Biblical scene (large version here). It was painted in the 1440′s by the late Gothic German painter Stefan Lochner, also known as Stephan Lochner or Stephen Lochner. Lochner combines the German Gothic style with influences from  [ Read More ]


“Svetickhoveli” is the most significant monument of Georgian culture and art, distinguished not only for its creative value, bloom and harmony but for the particular role it played in Georgian Nation History. It is a symbol of spreading the Christianity overthe country. There was kept the part of miracle, a column under which the dress of god is buried. According to the legend the builder of the church was better  [ Read More ]


Georgian Alphabet Georgian Alphabet is very old and doesn’t resemble any other alphabet in the world. It has passed three stages of development: “Asomtavruli” (majuscule), “Nuskhuri” (minuscule) and “Mkhedruli” (civil). On the left you see the oldest known Georgian inscription of V c. (Bolnisi church) The “Asomtavruli” can be traced in the written texts including the 11th century. From the 9th century there came into use the “Nuskhuri” alphabet and that remained  [ Read More ]

The third dimension is taking over your local cinema. It’s assimilating your HDTV. It might even be popping out of your next smartphone. And yes, it’s creeping into PC gaming, too. It’s the next big thing and it’s 3D. Of course, if we’re talking PC gaming, then the term 3D is a little confusing. On PC Format, we’ve been soaking up the 3D gaming groove for nearly two decades, but  [ Read More ]

The 3D revolution has seriously shaken the way we recognize technology. This new technology has made our, gaming, TV watching experience more thrilling. Big screen LCD and LED TVs are so outdated, if TV manufacturers are to be believed the hottest consumer electronic product of the year is a 3- Dimensional TV. Lets understand more about this new technology and its effect on the eyes. The first and the foremost  [ Read More ]

Building on the popularity of 3D movies such as A Christmas Carol, Ice Age: The Dawn of the Dinasours, Monsters vs. Aliens and recently Avatar, which have been screened at cinemas using RealD’s 3D technology, and after the news of Blu-ray Disc Association’s finalization of the specifications of Blu-Ray 3D discs, it is now JVC-Kenwood’s turn to license 3D technology of RealD for integration into its LCD displays and other  [ Read More ]


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