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François Boucher

François Boucher (29 September 1703 – 30 May 1770) was a French painter, a proponent of Rococo taste, known for his idyllic and voluptuous paintings on classical themes, decorative allegories representing the arts or pastoral occupations, intended as a sort of two-dimensional furniture. He was perhaps the most celebrated decorative artist of the 18th century. He also painted several portraits of his illustrious patroness, Madame de Pompadour. Born in Paris,  [ Read More ]


François-Honoré-Georges Jacob-Desmalter (1770–1841) oversaw one of the most successful and influential furniture workshops in Paris, from 1796 to 1825.The son of a well-known chairmaker, Georges Jacob, Jacob-Desmalter took over his father’s business with his older brother in 1796. When his brother died six years later, Jacob-Desmalter hired his father back as his partner and began to develop one of the largest furniture workshops in Paris. By 1808 he employed 332  [ Read More ]

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (24 November 1864 – 9 September 1901) was a French painter, printmaker, draftsman, and illustrator, whose immersion in the decadent and theatrical life of fin de siecle Paris yielded an oeuvre of provocative images of modern life. Hi was born in Albi, Tarn in the Midi-Pyrenees region of France, the firstborn child of Comte Alphonse and Comtesse Adele de Toulouse-Lautrec. An aristocratic family (descendants of the Counts of  [ Read More ]

Hans Rottenhammer

He was born in Munich, where he studied until 1588 under Hans Donauer the Elder. In 1593-4 (and perhaps earlier) he was in Rome, and he then settled in Venice from 1595-6 to 1606, before returning to Germany and settling in Augsburg, working also in Munich. He died in Augsburg, apparently in some poverty, and according to some sources an alcoholic. Rottenhammer was, with Elsheimer, amongst the most famous of  [ Read More ]

Jean-Baptiste Belin

Jean-Baptiste Belin de Fontenay,or Jean-Baptiste Blin(b. 1653 Caen, France, d. 1715 Paris ), French painter, the son of Louis Blin, who may have specialized in flower painting. Early in his life, Jean-Baptiste Belin de Fontenay had to choose between his religion and his career.The revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685 forced most Protestants to flee France to escape religious persecution. Belin instead decided to renounce his faith and  [ Read More ]

Bernard Palissy

Palissy (pah-le-se’), Bernard. A famous French potter, chemist, and enameler. Born near Agen, about 1510. The date and place of Palissy’s birth are not known for certain but are believed to be about 1510.The pottery made by Palissy, known as the Palissy ware, is much prized, and is distinguished for the high relief of figures and ornaments. Died 1589. Palissy worked as a painter and surveyor before he one day  [ Read More ]

Leonard Limousin

Leonard Limousin is a French painter. The artist was born in 1505 and died there in 1577, he Limoges. The most accomplished member of a prominent Limoges family of enamelers, he is known for the revealing realism of the portraits he painted on Limoges ware. His earliest authenticated work is his Passion of the Lord (1532), a series of 18 enamel plaques after prints by Albrecht Dürer. He was later influenced  [ Read More ]


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